Web Trends – Twitter users creating 50 million ‘tweets’ a day and the occasional Twitterholic.

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Cyber Culture, Micro Blogging, Social New Media Knowledge, Web Trends
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I imagine the war between micro-blogging and sms messaging has begun. Not to say that there might not ever be a loser here, but now we get to find out just what really is the required forms for particular communication. As the handsets providers create greater converging tools,it remain to be seen as to who will be using what services, if at all any.

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Check out some of the crazy numbers on the this leader board by Twitterholic : http://twitterholic.com

Updated 15th March 2010 :

Graph above, courtesy of Mashable.com

Judging by this graph Twitter has peaked very quickly. But are the Tweeters maximising the use from this communication channel? With the advent of tools like TweetDeck and the cyberculture of hash tagging you would think so. Twitter is still very young and because of its platform openness its real values are still being realised by the many.

Read more about Twitter stats at :




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