Bad Company 2 Hits Retail Stores Today.

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Gaming
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This game should be released across the world at the same time. Instead DICE/EA have decided to release it in the States today. So while American gamers steal a march in the ranks, other gamers around the world will just have to wait. Sorry DICE/EA, but this is not cool.

However, having played the demo over the last month or two, it must be said that this new version really is a step up. With the ability to take down entire buildings, the re-introduction of the parachute feature, being able to pick/choose between more weapons and the realism offered by the playability makes this game a very attractive purchase.

Cannot wait to play the full game for real and post up my comments in a few months as to what I really admire about this game.

To keep up with the game, check out the blog at :

Just in case you have never heard of Bad Company or seen any trailers, then check this out :

Find out more about DICE at :


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