More Online TV for Free – This Time It’s Microsoft.

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Advertising, TV via Web
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Not that there enough services available for users to access streamed TV content already, but now Microsoft has joined the party with MSN Video.

With the recent success of streaming services like the iPlayer in the UK, Hulu in the US and Joost worldwide, Microsoft has acted fast. But the question of whether this site will be successful would be down to the library of content available.

Microsoft has stored an entire series of content per TV show which is definitely a plus point. But apart from content which can only get bigger how do the other properties weigh up?

The quality of the streaming service is watchable but not excellent. When the site becomes more popular we will see how the streaming will cope. Users have to watch an advert before watching a show, but then if you want free, then this is the usual price.

If you leave a TV show and return at a later time, the service does not go back to the exact point you were watching last, there is also no history button, in case you want to watch a show again. So in terms of usability at this stage its average, but not certainly not smart.

One plus point that I noticed on this service is the ability to full screen content on a second monitor whilst you continuing to use your computer on the other screen. Most services in full screen mode don’t let you do this, so Microsoft…well done. Now let’s see if you have a competitive model.

Find out more about MSN Video at :

Find out more about Hulu at :


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