Need To Back Up Your Facebook, Flickr Data Etc.

Posted: March 13, 2010 in Cyber Culture, Social New Media Knowledge, Storage

This is a post that comes from following fellow Tweeters.

Having only recently re-joined the social networking scene, one of the things that is quite clear is the reliance on social media.

Sure social media is big, and its evolving fast, more and more people are joining every day, but if that is the case, how important is the data stored on these sites to you?

Well for some social media is just another communication medium, like the telephone. When was the last time you backed-up all your telephone calls?

But these are not just like telephone calls because the history of information that these web applications contain leaves a trail that has reusable information. So the Internet is acting like an extended memory bank, because as we get older how can we be expected to remember every bit of data that we posted or came across.

If you consider your online efforts with various sites to be important and you don’t fancy starting again,  then you may need a service like Backupify.

Launched in Nov 2009, they offer a free basic service, and a paid service that allows you to back up data from Facebook, Flickr, Twitter etc.

This is definitely a very good idea.

Find out more about Backupify at :

Content courtesy of Backupify :

Why should I backup my online data?

The short answer is that your online data is important and Backupify is an easy cost effective way to protect it from loss.

The longer answer is that much of the data you generate today is not stored on your computer. You have data locked up in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, Basecamp, and all the other online services you use. Backupify is not just about backup, it is about controlling your data yourself instead of having it stored in hundreds of services all around the web. Your online data is just as important as the data on your computer. Both should be backed up. You can read more about reasons for backing up your online data in this blog post.

Am I likely to lose my online data?

It is unlikely that an online service will simply lose your data, just as it is unlikely that a hard drive will just delete a file. It does happen occasionally, but your real concerns for cloud services are hackers, viruses, user error and legal issues. Many services can shut off access without warning if they think you violated their terms of service. Many hackers are targeting online accounts because they are easier to access than your computer. On top of that, roughly 1/3 of all data loss is due to simple user error. These are the kinds of risks that Backupify can minimize.

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