Detroit : People Needed.

Posted: March 15, 2010 in Culture, Movies
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I travelled through Detroit to Toronto on a Greyhound back in 89′. As we began the trip through Canada up the 401, I looked back at Detroit and could see this beautiful green Canadian forest and in the background was this techno silver shining city, it was mesmerising. If you told me then, that a city designed for 2 million people has approximately 800,000 people living there, and that one in five houses are derelict, it would have been unbelievable.

Yet, this is the case in, and faced with such a dark situation, Detroit will rule again. Since amongst the ruins are pockets of people attempting to rejuvenate life back into the city. Let’s hope they do.

Julien Temple’s film, shown on BBC 2 Saturday night, shows how great this city had been in the past, how it in turn influenced the people of the world and how now a new future is beginning to take place that may one day bring Detroit back to life like any other thriving city.

Dropping in Packard by Architeq on the Birds of Prey EP, makes this film/documentary even fresher.

The film is available on iPlayer till 10:14pm 20th March 2010 at :

100 Abandoned Houses, photos of courtesy of Kevin Bauman can be found at :

Find out more about Julien Temple at :

Find out more about Films Of Record at :

Find out more about Ten Alps Plc at :


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