Google Reader Play – A Visual Way To View The Web.

Posted: March 18, 2010 in Google, Recommendation Content

Google is always coming up with new ideas, some of the ground breaking, some of them not.

One of Google’s latest releases is Google Reader Play. It’s a different way to view content on the web, by bringing together images, video and text in a visual slide show rather than a text based list.

Content is shown to you depending on what you have mark as liked or disliked.

This is a cool idea because the visual aspect of the content has the chance to communicate messages using a ‘global visual language’. People all over the world can understand information from a visual point of view. For example seeing an image of a volcano erupting is something anyone can relate to, and if you want more information, you simply have to click through to the hyperlinked post.

Although, having just tried to log into Google Reader Play, the browser just continued to load and nothing happened. Hopefully these bugs will be ironed out soon, and Google may have brought to the market place a new way to view content.

Find out more about Google Reader Play at :

Read a review of Google Reader Play at :


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