We live in a world where we continuously organise and re-organise information whilst simultaneously use technology, namely the Internet as our key infrastructure.

What is Vy~ber?

It stands for VIRTUALLY CYBER and means that I live in a virtually cyber world. Or should I say, that my world is partly lived and enjoyed through the use of cyberspace and all it’s glorious underlying technologies.

So for example, most days I send emails, but sometimes I send real post and take a nice walk down to the post box. I find some computer systems talk to each other no issue, and some do not. Some file types work across all devices, some do not not. But Vyber is an evolving concept that’s out there slowing weaving it’s way into the DNA of my life.

As the control of information and hardware communication becomes more aligned to our every day needs, we are bombarded with “new this” and “new that”. Unless you are a half-geek or you have got your own bio-port, you have no choice but to surrender to the technological takeover and have make use of what’s left and it’s limitations

When you buy one device, you have to think about how that device is going to work with your other devices, do you need to buy any additional accessories to make it work, how will the device work out in the long run, am I buying it for the right price? Do I know how to really make the most of the information I find using Google? Is the social networking site I use with my peers offering me the functionality that I need for now and the future? Will my continuous exposure with technology threaten my privacy? The questions go on and all the while technology is out there working faster and harder to bring you what you want whilst continuously fragmenting, evolving and adapting.

When it comes to business and technology, then your offline media communications, your public relations strategy,  your staff communications, the service you provide, your customer comments, the fans on your Facebook page together with all the other interactivity you to offer users online, all those independent forums; these all work with your business if harnessed correctly. There is a generation of pirate sharing bred children growing up fast in a world raining with tweets making taming technology challenging but even more so exciting. As these users are now connecting with brands every day and in different ways, the information created from this whole experience provides an insight on an unprecedented level.

Just trying to keep on top of all that technology, information and all those various communication channels is not easy as we now enter a phase of evolution and bridge building between known brands in and around social media. Social media is playing a vital role in converging and supporting existing channels of communication for users and businesses. Utilising the opportunity of communicating with users and exploring new channels of communication is the next logical step for the brands of tomorrow.

The links I post relate to key areas within the Internet industry and it’s overlapping technologies. They point to various other sites, blogs, product reviews and services that I feel have a role to play in this time of digital media convergence. Which of these go on to become the next Google, PlayStation or iPhone is anyone’s guess.

Over time the categories will re-adjust to make it easier to filter down relevant posts. For now, I want the lists to expand as much as possible before re-sizing and deciding on the final category choices. Content will be added continuously, grammatical  and spelling mistakes corrected, so bare with me as I chomp my way through the next decade and squeeze out some choice links.

If you have any comments, please use the boxes below, thanks.

Last Updated March 2010.

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