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Blur is a game created by Bizarre Creations the people behind the Project Gotham series and Activision the pure play online and console game publisher. Due for release in May later this year, I played a demo version of the game and noticed was a social twist has been placed within the game. Although other games do have a social element, like for example being able to buy and sell cars on Forza, or set up private races in most racing games etc, but Blur is pushing the social angle a little further by allowing gamers to directly Tweet their progress using their Twitter account details.

Adding the element of a four way split screen, this game sounds like hours of fun for you and your friends.

Right now the developers are looking for feedback from gamers who have tried the demo in order to put the finishing touches to the final release.

Check out the trailer below :

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With the rise of 3D TV during this year Sony is looking to push forwards on all technological fronts. Recently re-styling their Japanese retail store in line with Apple’s clean cut style, they are also looking to launch an online content service that will no doubt be available across their TV’s, Consoles and the Web.

Sony don’t tend to innovate like they used too, and it looks like Apple have been holding that title for the last decade. But with a vast number of loyal customers, a distinct design style of its own and a brand as big as Coca Cola, Sony will not have to try to hard to win new customers.

Content Courtesy of The New York Times :

Sony is working with Google and Intel on Google TV, a platform for a new generation of televisions and set-top boxes that will make it easier to browse the Web on TV screens. The first devices featuring the technology are expected to be on sale this summer.

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When a new technology arrives it is then integrated across all types of communication channels and changes the services offered by those channels. Recently HD made its way on to our screens, now you can buy phones that allow you to create High Definition video and upload it directly to the web.

With the imminent arrival of 3D TV, we are going to see 3D overlap itself with HCI(Human Computer Interaction). We will see this in projects like Microsoft’s Natal. This is where the power of hand gestures will now allow us to interact with games and other applications.

The power behind some of this fourth coming technology is a company called Canesta, who have spent a lot of time and money to get to where they are. They have developed a chip that allows 3D gestures to be recognised by the computer and small enough to be fitted into everyday consumer devices.

By placing 3D cameras into every conceivable device will now allow us to change the way we interact with onscreen menus, but also the way we see the on screen information.

Minority Report is just round the corner.

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Sony Playstation Move.

Posted: March 20, 2010 in Gaming

Sony, like Microsoft’s Project Natal, will be introducing their motion censored game controller later this year called PlayStation Move. But this may not happen, Sony have not always launched products on time.

With Nintendo leading the way so far, it looks like motion censored controllers will be leading the battle between the big three giants in 2011.

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This game should be released across the world at the same time. Instead DICE/EA have decided to release it in the States today. So while American gamers steal a march in the ranks, other gamers around the world will just have to wait. Sorry DICE/EA, but this is not cool.

However, having played the demo over the last month or two, it must be said that this new version really is a step up. With the ability to take down entire buildings, the re-introduction of the parachute feature, being able to pick/choose between more weapons and the realism offered by the playability makes this game a very attractive purchase.

Cannot wait to play the full game for real and post up my comments in a few months as to what I really admire about this game.

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Xbox Project Natal.

Posted: February 26, 2010 in Cyber Culture, Gaming
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Saw this video a while back, and Wired UK reminded me that this project continues.

Check out the demo video below :

Looks like you need to be seriously fit to enjoy the benefits of this add on.

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Monopoly in the 21st century.

Buy and own your favorite real-life locations. Collect rent when other people check-in to your shops. Upgrade your shops to increase their value.

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Star Trek Online – New York, NY (February 2, 2010) – “Atari, SA, one of the world’s most recognized videogame publishers, and acclaimed developer Cryptic Studios™, are proud to announce the bold new PC MMO, Star Trek Online.”

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