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Released earlier this year, Skype Group Video Calling, a beta version for Windows users. In order to use this software everyone in the call must all be using the same version of Skype 5.0, but hey it’s a beta.

If this rolls out to other devices then could prove to be a killer app for the mobile social massive.

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Machines are processing more and more information everyday. We need them to survive in today’s’ information age.

What will happen as the data begins to pile up, and we decide to ask the machines to help us make decisions based on this historical data.  Ooh scary! Well maybe it is or maybe it ain’t or maybe some of will not be around to find out.

Take a look at the video posted by Michael Wesch of Kansas State University a couple of years ago. It gives you an idea and makes you think about how the ever evolving role and impact of technology is having on our lives.

It has taken social media to get corporations thinking more seriously about all those web possibilities.

Using Social Media to create the communities of brand loyal Internet savvy users, corporations can learn so much about why consumers adore or hate their brand.

But the knowing of when and how to communicate will be one of the first challenges.

James Falls from the Social Media Explorer makes his comments :

You could say the social media monitoring industry has been the single fastest-growing niche in the world of technology over the past three years. As more companies engage in social media, participate in conversations and launch social media initiatives, the demand to monitor what is being said and analyze that data is critical for companies to not only read and react, but also fund and staff social initiatives.

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I used to hate carrying books to school. You’d think I was packing for a round the world tour, filled with sun and action packed adventures. No, I was just going to school.

Macmillan US makes textbooks dynamic which allow teachers to freely customise and modify the textbooks, which can then be made available online or for download.

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This is a great book for you Gen X’ers.

Being squeezed between the Traditionalists, Baby Boomers and Generation Y, Generation X is expected to work longer than the usual 20 years.

I suppose we always knew it… have been witnessing it now at first hand for too long, and it’s only in inevitable that it’s going to happen. Luckily we have unlimited resilience towards life’s challenges and we’ll deal this one no issue. And maybe one day, someone can write a book about that next episode since it just means yet more time for some jokes and creativity.

Tamara Erickson attempts to identify how Gen X’ers can keep up, move ahead and create the career that you want. Using some choice quotes from Gen X’ers and providing an insightful commentary, this book is a great read.

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You’re a member of Generation X-the 30-to-44 age cohort. And you’ve drawn the short stick when it comes to work. The economy has been stacked against you from the beginning. Worse, you’re sandwiched between Boomers (with their constant back-patting blather and refusal to retire) and Gen Y’s (with their relentless confidence and demands for attention).
You’re stuck in the middle-of your life and between two huge generations that dote on each other.

But you can move forward in your career. In What’s Next, Gen X? Tamara Erickson shows how. She explains the forces affecting attitudes and behaviors in each generation-Boomer, X, and Y-so you can start relating more productively with bosses, peers, and employees.

Erickson then assesses Gen X’s progress in life so far and analyzes the implications of organizational and technological changes for your professional future. She lays out a powerful framework for shaping a satisfying, meaningful career.

Provocative and engaging, What’s Next, Gen X? helps you break free from the middle and chart a fulfilling course for the years ahead.