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Sony is releasing it’s new Walkman to the masses this week in the UK – the NWZ-A845. Well, what’s so good about this Walkman?

To begin with this Walkman is only 7.2mm thin, it has an OLED screen for stunning visuals,  the device can also play BBC iPlayer downloads, syncs with iTunes, has an audio play time of around 29 hours, comes with noise-cancelling headphones and weighs in at around 62g. So all in all a very nice alternative to the Apple’s Nano iPod.

Retail price in the UK is around £140, looks like Sony have got a great little product.

Watch one of the few video reviews I found below, courtesy of :

Read their current review at :

Telly’s have become high maintenance appliances over the last few years and this sets to continue with the advent of 3D television.

We have gone from terrestrial to digital.

Digital to High Definition and online services. Add in Free Sat, if you need ITV in HD.

Now HD gets replaced with 3D as the latest in the line of new technologies.

Ultra High 3D should be with us just before finishing this post…

…..only joking, one must always keep a sense of humour about change, since the wallet is empty from buying all those now redundant Televisions, TV Tuner Cards and Set Top Boxes.

No but seriously, with specifications like this from LG :


Ultra Thin 6.9mm



TruMotion 480Hz

Together with the LG Magic Wand system,  the whole experience sounds sweet, check out the demo video at :

Find out more about LG at :