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E-commerce can be looked at in a number of ways. This is due to reasons like product being sold, target audience in question, their geographical location, the competition in the marketplace etc.

As a shopping medium the Internet offers the option to create new avenues for E-commerce, many of recent have been orientated around auction houses and bidding strategies. Once in a while, inspiration can come from looking at a traditional market place from a different angle, or perhaps the business type in question has not been reflected online diligently enough for success. But they keep coming, and today’s inspiration comes from Cinderella Me.

Ladies Designer Shoes For Hire

They offer ‘Designer Shoe Hire’. That’s right, rent a pair of designer ladies shoes, that usually retail for hundreds of pounds, for just a fraction of that retail price. Designers likes Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Dior, Alexander McQueen and more are all up for rent. There are some obvious issues when you think about this since the items are not just valued highly but wear and tear must create a long enough time period for the product to go through a cycle which would yield a profit. Cinderella Me seems to have solved most of the issues in bringing this business online and have crafted an aesthetically pleasing site to match.

How long this business will continue for is again anyone’s guess. But to get it online and at least begin a new journey will be an inspiration to others to think outside of the box, to get their business idea out there.

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How many pairs of shoes can I hire any one time?

Just one pair at a time for now. However as you will see, a few shoes are available with matching handbag, so if you feel you want the complete package, please email us at

Are Cinderella Me shoes new – and if not, what is their condition?

All of our Products were new when purchased by us so will either be new or in new like condition when you hire them.  Bear in mind we will only be renting our Products eight times in order to ensure you receive them in fabulous condition. We have very high standards at Cinderella Me, each pair of shoes goes through a rigorous process of cleaning, hygiene and quality control before they are dispatched to our Members.

Why don’t you have my size in my favourite shoe?

We really hope that, as there are so many designs to choose from on Cinderella Me, you will find more than a few that you will just love to hire.  As our stock continues to grow, the choice will get wider. If we don’t have your size, it’s probably worth trying a half size up (if we have it), which will almost certainly work in a mule or slingback, while in a court shoe you might give “Party Feet” gel cushions a try.

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New York based retailer  Singer22 have been embracing the Internet to help create sales by blogging about the brands celebrities are using.

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