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Sites like do have the grounds for a valid model. If cameras were simply observing just the functional parts of a city, like for example the copper wiring, which serve hundreds of peoples Internet needs then crime could be reduced, or at least the communication of crime may be increased in speed.
And if privacy issues can be addressed then cctv may become the next reality tv show.

These guys have a serious point to make about how some users on location based services are not aware of the online privacy issues.

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When consumers click on the icon, a white “i” surrounded by a circle on a blue background, they will be taken to a page explaining how the advertiser uses their Web surfing history and demographic profile to send them certain ads.

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We live an increasing amount of our lives on-line, but what happens after we are gone?

What will happen to all our photos, blogs and social network accounts?

Until now our digital identities have lived on without us, leaving our loved ones powerless to control them or wind them down.

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